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I have been an artist in one form or another for almost 30 years. I am inspired by superhero, graffiti and pop culture. What I love about superheroes is that they transcend politics. They cross national, social, and geopolitical borders and give hope to the downtrodden, inspiration to the oppressed, and a narrow window of escape for the beleaguered and exploited. What I love about graffiti is it’s the first place I really saw original art. I grew up in a very blue collar hard working family and going to art galleries or museums was not something I was exposed to. I used to sit and watch all the painted railroad cars pass by. I was amazed by the colors and styles. I have been recently exposed to slap stickers or graffiti stickers and I just love them. I try to take a serious approach to these fun pieces. Street art is the art of the people.

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Day of The Dead Mask
  • $40.00
Original Artwork by Artist Thalo Halo
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