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My name is Carla and I am a Naturalist & Founder of the Tendaji Body Oils company.  We handcraft natural, luxury, plant-based Skin & Hair Care Products. We are family-owned & operated. We have made our products for 4 Generations. I personally started making skincare products at age 10. Yet, when I became an adult,  got married, and had children, I decided to use commercial products on my children. I then had 2 children who suffered from eczema. My eldest had it so badly to the point of bleeding and had extremely sensitive skin. My middle child suffered from large acne cysts. My mother had to remind me to revert back to natural, plant-based skincare products. Since then my children no longer suffer from their skin. Now that they are young adults they continue to do so. Tendaji Body Oils products definitely help our skin, as well as our customer's skin healthy naturally.

We love assisting others as well. So try Tendaji Body Oils products out today.

14 products found in Tendaji Body Oils

Tendaji Body Large Puddin
  • $25.00
Tendaji All Natural Deodorant
  • $12.00
Tendaji Body Oil New Scents
  • From $22.00
Organic Sugar Body Scrub
  • $12.00
Tendaji Hair and Scalp Serum
  • $25.00
Tendaji Conditioning Custard
  • $40.00
Tendaji Starter package
  • $32.00
Tendaji Lip Scrib
  • $6.00
Tendaji Facial Toner
  • $12.00
Tendaji Body Small Puddin
  • $11.00
Organic Insect Repellant
  • $8.00
Facial Scrub
  • $20.00
Organic Sugar Body Scrub-Discontinued Package
  • $8.40
Tendaji Men's Beard Care
  • $20.00