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 Your purchase of local art supports artists and the community.

Our local artists sell everything from original artwork to prints, stickers, pillows, apparel, and more.

Shop Art from local artists such as Thalo Halo, Dzhelasi, GAB, Kim Sowa, Clyn Studios and more.

21 products found in Local Artist Merchandise

Artist GAB Stickers
  • $3.00

Homye Crewneck Sweatshirt by GAB
  • $45.00

Flower Girl Unisex Shirt By GAB
  • $30.00

Unframed 11x14 Aurora Art print By Thalo Halo
  • $25.00

Freda Khalo Art Print 8.5x11 Unframed
  • $20.00

Rosita Flower Child Sticker
  • $4.00

Chicago UNFRAMED Graffiti Print by Thalo Halo
  • $25.00

Biggie Print Unframed 11x14
  • $25.00

Jean-Michel Basquiat Unframed 11X14
  • $25.00

Antony Bourdain Print 2 Unframed 11x14
  • $25.00

Anthony Bourdain Graffiti Wall Art Print FRAMED
  • From $25.00

Axolotl Pin By Dzhelasi
  • $12.00

Shine Bright Print by Artist Kim Sowa
  • $30.00


I am Free To Be Me Print by Kim Sowa
  • $30.00

Framed Quest Love
  • $50.00

Framed Bad Bunny 11x14
  • $50.00

The Lady with the Durag Art Prints by GAB
  • $100.00

The Garden of GAB T-shirt
  • $35.00

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