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Shop our local candles made by K2Interiors which prides itself in only using coco apricot wax as a healthy alternative to candle burning. Coco Apricot wax is vegan and provides a cleaner burn that is better for the environment.

Also Shop Tendaji Body Oils amazing products that are handcrafted with all-natural ingredients, vegan, GMO free and all fragrance are natural essential oils

12 products found in Candles and Self Care

Tendaji Body Oils 4 ounce Oil
  • $27.00

K2 Interiors Coco Apricot Creme Wax Candle
  • $25.00

Tendaji Body Oil 2 Ounce Body Puddin
  • $16.00

Tendaji Organic Sugar Body Scrub
  • $12.00

Tendaji Body Oils Green Tea Facial Cleanser
  • $23.00

Wax Melts by K2 Interiors
  • $12.50

Tendaji All Natural Beard Balm
  • $26.00

Tendaji Body Oil 2-ounce Beard Oil
  • $22.00

Tendaji Facial Head Wraps
  • $10.00

Tendaji Body Oils Goat's Milk Facial Cleanser
  • $15.00

Tendaji Body Oils Facial Toners
  • $13.00

Tendaji Body Oils Gift Box
  • $24.00

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